Target: Amaryllis

After a post from someone else I was reminded that I needed to go check on my Amaryllis from last year. I put it away mid summer time and totally forgot about it.


This was how it was wrapped up and it was put into the outhouse to keep cool and have a snooze. Considering that place defies the laws of thermodynamics I’m surprised it didn’t freeze!


As you can see, not much growth yet. It’s just starting to poke out. Once there is  a little more showing I will strip back some more of the old, dead leaves and clean it up a bit. I’m a bit wary of doing it now because I’m not too sure where all the sprouts are pushing from.Better to be safe than sorry.
Otherwise the bulb is in good condition. It’s a little loose on the outer dead leaves but firm to the touch and doesn’t have any bad smells.


So, after a quick, minimal watering, it’s to the windowsill for it and we will see what’s what in time.



4 thoughts on “Target: Amaryllis

    1. I suppose it’s what happens to many things that are out of sight, out of mind. Maybe I could do with something to remind me that they are there. It may be even worse this year because that second bulb may be strong enough to be separated. 2 things to forget!

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