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Windy clear up

Go home, bins. You’re drunk!

Quick note on the garden. This morning I went out to check up on any damage after the winds. All in all its not been that bad. The bins have been blown over…

Not you, too!

My bird table was also blown over. The platform has been damaged and is a little loose, I may be able to secure it again though.

Other than that we seem to have gotten away lightly. There was quite a bit of general rubbish/litter to pick up, all wind blown and a lot of leaf detritus, but such is the life of a gardener with plants that have leaves!

The greenhouse is just getting more battered and is disintegrating. I didn’t bother taking a pic as its just depressing, but it’s going soon, so no point moaning about it.

The only other problem was pots being blown over. Quite a few around the garden. Only one seems to have any damage done, however. It’s a plant I was trying to get going from last year, to be honest I don’t even recall what it was in the pot. But it’s now spread all over the grass, so the fact that I can’t even recall what it was means I won’t shed any tears over it. It might have been an Ilex?.. I dunno.

None of my *ahem* important plants are damaged and the fence, which I am genuinely shocked about, is still standing. Considering I saw it being erected and I know how deep the supports aren’t. Well… Colour me shocked!
As you can see, there is a little damage at the back from where the willow screening wasn’t properly reattached to the new fence, but seeing that it was actually done when the fence was put up I can’t blame the wind. It just looks like the wind did it. But I could still blame it if you like? B-)

So that’s it. The wind is now easing off and all seems well.


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