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Lemon problems again

With my greenhouse taking a battering and not trusting it to stay in one piece, I brought my lemon plants back indoors again for the winter. When I brought them in I noticed that the vein issue has come back.


According to this page they have Zinc or possibly Manganese deficiency but I have no real way to fix it. I only have a general house fertiliser and even the citrus one I was looking at buying last time only had the main 3 ingredients, no trace metals. *sigh*

This colouration only seems to come on later in the year… Is it possible that its not what I think it is? Anything is possible I suppose.

If anyone has a good citrus fertiliser that they can recommend I’d love to hear about it!


Other than that the plants are doing fine. There is new growth already and nothing like as much in the way of leaf loss as last year.



11 thoughts on “Lemon problems again

  1. There’s a product called Bio-Stim that might be worth a try. It has a high magnesium and zinc content whose recommended uses are for salads, top fruit, soft fruit and bedding plants. It’s not cheap mind although due to it’s range of uses, might be one of those things you use more than once.

    1. Do you have a manufacturer link or anything for it?
      I just did a google search and can’t find anything that meets what you said…

      I mainly go to my local garden centre but I will buy online if needed.

  2. Just an idea, because I have a lemon tree grown from a pip and it doesn’t suffer from this chlorosis, which I know is common in citrus. Anyway I think I might avoid the problem because I water it from the milk cartons to rinse them before I chuck them in recycling and milk contains minerals including: magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and zinc. You could give it some very diluted milk as an experiment?

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