Another Job Done

The I finally got around to turning the water cooler bottles I got ages ago into cloches to protect my early spring plants from frosts.


I cut off the bottom with a hacksaw only cut myself once, so proud of myself! and filed off the rough plastic. I don’t know exactly what I will use them for. But the bottoms will also be useful as trays for plants. The bases are thick and really balance well.


Another thing that has surprised me is how stable these cloches are. To give them a little test I put them down on Saturday and only gave them a quick half turn to dig them in a bit and walked away.

To my utter surprise they are still exactly where I put them! With all the wind and rain we have had they don’t seem to have moved at all. Not only that but you can actually feel a gentle heat when you put your hand over the hole at the top.
The cloche is really only supposed to protect from frost, but these may do a little more than that!

Now I just need to wait for spring and find a plant to put under it!



25 thoughts on “Another Job Done

          1. Well we have HUGE one gallon wine bottles we use also. I’m not much on whiskey.. it makes me do embarrassing things.. LOL

            1. Better to do embarrassing things… At least you will have something fun to talk about tomorrow! And the bottles I was thinking of are big 4.5l jobs. Weigh a ton!

              1. I had no idea whiskey came in bottles that large! I’ve sworn off whiskey and Gin. My cousin’s Irish husband plied me with Grog once.. you know the “Pirates drink?” Foul stuff going down, but if you drink enough it tastes like water! I’ve not got a taste for alcohol these days as I get older I don’t even enjoy wine anymore. I learned my lesson!

                  1. Grog is just Gin and water right? Or is that called something else? He did say Pirates drank it! LOL So I used to go over to drink with him and his friend.They bring their guitars and play classic rock cover songs. While Bri plied me with way too much alcohol. Then I’d walk home, right next door, sometimes Bri helped me, but I put an end to that after that whiskey I had. I was getting too old for such childish things..

                    1. If it was *tonic* water then its a simple G n T… No idea what Gin and plain water is… Other than ‘meh’ B-)

                      I have to say that I am now a Tee-totaller. When I was younger I drank FAR too much and got very close to being an alchy… I had a couple of incidents and realised that alcohol and me are NOT good friends. So we broke up and I met someone…erm… *thing* new…. Tea!

                    2. I knew I could become addicted to cigarettes so I never even smoked one although I dreamed of it. I also knew I could be come addicted to alcohol so I never drank regularly. Now I might have wine once a year at Christmas. I don’t even like it anymore. I don’t like the alcohol fumes in my mouth.. Although I drank a whole bottle of it a few Christmas’s ago, and got headache drunk, I didn’t feel bad since I hardly ever do. I never smoked pot either. I think I could have an addictive persoanlity especially after being depressed and full of anxiety about 8-10 years ago. You get addicted to the anxiety, it makes you not yourself. I actually got addicted to MUSIC and some stupid radio station, andthat was weird enough. I didn’t like myself. Anyway, I’m fine now, I meditated my way out of it. I never feel anxiety anymore. Although I am addicted to communicating in Facebook and on blogs since I’m rather an introvert.

  1. I am also a huge tea drinker. I have two cups with caffeine, Bromley’s Estate Tea is my favorite, and about two decaf teas a day. I don’t like coffee anymore although I grew up on it. I’m sure my English ancestors the Gardners, drank a lot of it! LOL

        1. Not an exaggeration. One day I went through a box of 40 bags… And yes… I had the shakes for ages. I went to the doctor and he was shocked about what I was doing!

          It took me ages to knock it on the head. Even now I will go through 10+ cups of tea a day, no problems.

          Oh… And don’t call me Shirley *BADum-TISH!* B-)

          1. If I have more than 3 cups I have a problem sleeping. 10 cups would have me shaking! BUt I need my strong caffeinated tea with breakfast and lunch. Sometimes I have two cups in a row but then and up drinking 3 cups that day. Not so bad if you drink them before noon.

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