Scrounging roundup

A small addendum to my post from the other day about the plants I got.

As it turned out there had been a mistake about working out my holiday entitlement and I had to go in on Monday to make up hours.

Anyway, not to worry. It did allow me to grab some of the plants I missed. In the end I managed to grab some Osteospermum, 3 lots in the end. I also got some Fritilliaria bulbs as a pressie.

So, in the end I managed to get 2 Vibernum specimens, 3 lots of Osteospermum, a bag of Fritillaria bulbs, a slightly battered Berberis plant that was about to be thrown out and finally a couple of Lambs Ear cuttings.

Not bad, eh? More importantly nothing was stolen, only cuttings and self seeds were taken.

That’s how a scrounging gardener rolls. B-)



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