Fritillaries in the borders

On my last day at work the boss gave me a couple of pressies from the team and one was a bag of Fritillaria Uva Vulpis (Note the mispelling on the tag in the pic below!)


Also. Something else to not is that the tag says 20 bulbs. But in actual fact there was 60 in there. Ok… Some will fail but still. Not bad at all!

So, after a couple of tweets asking for info and a bit of Googling I realised that I needed to get them in now if I want to have a show in springtime. And with that knowledge, guess what I was doing this morning? Yup… Procrastination… Erm, no. Serious planting!


So with gloves and an awesome dibber. (That’s a broken, thicker piece of bamboo to you and me!) I planted them all. Most went into the front of the garden but I did keep 3 bulbs to put in the back deliberately in a darker patch to see if it will grow at all. If they don’t then *shrug*.

Most of the bulbs were already pushing so I am hoping they were in the ground in good time.




6 thoughts on “Fritillaries in the borders

    1. I could have done with choosing a better time of the day to do it… 9am on a cold and wet day! I appear to be a glutton for punishment.
      I hope yours picked a better time!

  1. I love the Fritillarias. There used to be several kinds in my garden but some weren’t especially long-lived so I have some replenishing to do. The trick is knowing where to plant them and not have them on top of something else!

    1. I’m hoping that they will naturalise. Where I worked there was a church yard where they had been planted and they had spread well. I’m hoping it will go like that in time.

  2. Oh, bulb planting, not my favorite garden chore. I like when they pop up though and I do have hundreds of bulbs in my garden. The problem with bulbs is that they multiply and worse than planting, is digging them up when there is too many. Funny, I don’t have any Fritillarias, yet do like the flower a lot.

    1. Planting them is a total pain at times! Planting these was actually not so bad. The worst was the crocus in the lawn, now that was hard work!

      This year has seen me plant more bulbs than ever in one go. Crocus, Fritillaries, glory of the snow and the moving of the tulips and the 3 tiger lillies.
      Why I do this to myself I have no idea!

      The guys had a good idea, pull up bulbs when they are finishing but before the green has gone so you can find them Easy-ish. Much easier than at any other time!

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