Garlic planting

Just a quick update.


This morning I planted some Garlic that I was given by one of the guys at work. He didn’t have space to plant the last bulb in his patch so rather than throw it out he gave it to me. The bulb was split up on into cloves on the bin and now I’m planting it.

I’m not sure what variety the Garlic is, The chap at work did say but I didn’t write it down and… Yep, I forgot it before I got home. >.>


While using some string to mark a line I dug a light trench, one trowel wide and planted in the cloves 6 inches apart and just below the soil line. I then lightly covered the cloves with a sprinkle of soil and we are done.

According to the RHS site I don’t need to water these in… Considering how bloody wet its been of late I can see why! Since I turned it all over the other day, the soil is also quite free draining so I don’t think they will stay too wet.

I really feel I am making a start on my own veg plot… It’s kinda exciting!


3 thoughts on “Garlic planting

  1. Of all the things I have planted, I never did plant garlic. Ha, I heard about all the rain you have been having in the UK and was very jealous of that rain, both at home in Niagara Falls since we had drought for a few years, and while traveling in Europe. Our ship could not sail because the rivers were too low. We were told if only we got the rain further west and north of us that occurred in the UK we would have been on our way. I suppose having too little is just as bad as having too much. Hope your garlic is happy!

    1. The rain we have been having is because of the kick back from the bad weather the US eat coast has been having.
      I actually planted garlic because it deters a few pests. I’m a real noob when it comes to this so if I can get a start in now I will! Also even if I don’t plan to eat any of these I can replant them later in the year.
      Someone also said that if you interplant garlic with potatoes the potatoes will have a gentle garlic taste. Got to try that! B-)

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