Autumn… Not for me

This is going to be one of those cathartic posts because I feel the need to admit something.

I don’t like Autumn.

There… I said it. I don’t like Autumn… It’s just not one of my favourite seasons. Now, I’m not an idiot, I understand it has its place in the circle of life and nature does not care about my feelings on the matter.

So why do I feel this way? I’ll put fair money it’s that I suffer to a small degree from SAD and also the fact that, in the majority, all we see in nature at this time of year is the decline of life. The leaves are falling off the trees, summer annuals are ending, lots of animals are either hibernating or moving to warmer climates or ending their life cycle after securing the eggs for the next generation. All we can do is to hope for the spring.

Now that’s not to say that there isn’t some beauty out there at this time of year, if you follow my twitter you will know that I post pics of Fungi as I see them. There are also a lot of bushes with tons of berries on them. Pyracantha, Holly, Snowberries, Mahonia and Berberis to list only a small bunch of them, they are all pretty to look at and will bring in birds to your garden in the colder part of the year. But I find that I have to almost go looking for this beauty, while during spring and summer its all around me.

Another thing I don’t like about Autumn is the cold, the wet and the wind. I don’t mind being cold. I don’t even really mind the wind. But the cold, wet wind is just… Well. You get the idea. >.>
A knock on effect of that is that the ground is sopping now. If you walk on grass. which you have to do to get anything done, it almost instantly turns to mud.


Another problem I have this year is that Autumn has done a real number on my greenhouse. The plastic has been ripped in multiple places and I can’t see any way to repair it apart from buying some more sheeting and totally re-covering it.
Thankfully my in-laws had already offered me their old greenhouse a month or so ago (Thanks again, guys!), so rather than having both going at once, which I originally hoped for, I will have to settle with only having one bigger one.

One thing occurs to me as I am typing this though. I may look to changing the frame into a couple of cloches and maybe a frame for some summer berries (I have a blackberry I’d love to train up!) 


4 thoughts on “Autumn… Not for me

  1. I really had to click on this post by your title. 😀 I like Autumn for the very reason you mentioned. I like hunting for the beauty in the berries and watching as the bees start to hibernate underground. All the changes make the season full of interest. I suppose I am numb to the cold since I live in Niagara Falls. It is chilly up here and I have posted on the beauty that brings with “the frozen Falls” photos. Winter is my season. Love the snow and what it does to quiet down landscapes. Even though I relish the summer and all the blooms it brings, it is my least favorite season – too hot and dry.

    1. Summer here in the UK isn’t really that bad. I know we whine a lot but seeing as we are actually further north than you are we shouldn’t really complain so much!

      I know if I didn’t have SAD it would be different, but there you go. B-)

      1. I sympathize with you on SAD. I have a friend who barely comes out of the house during winter. Barely speaks to anyone and loses all joy for life. It is a crippling condition, that is for sure. BTW, I doubt you surpass the gardening whiners here in the US. All you have to do is read my posts on them. I take every opportunity come Autumn and Winter to out them. I even tell them how to enjoy the season and not wish it away. Whiners here start the first day of Fall crying about they can’t wait until Spring again. Ha, that makes me snicker because they have a long, cold wait. Why not make the most of it? Last and this coming February, I travel to Maui. I’d say that is making lemonade out of lemons. But, my posts tell how I make the best of winter here at home. Birding, feeding birds and photographing landscapes. It is all in how one dresses. Keep warm, my friend.

        1. Quite a few older people spend months at a time in either Spain or, amazingly, Goa because it’s much cheaper than having the heating on all winter.

          As I said in my post. I have to actually go out to see things. Sometimes it’s more difficult than others.

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