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Last days gathering at work

So this week saw all but my final day at work, so I went for a last ditch push for plants.


I got a bit of Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina) and 2 layered specimens of Viburnum tinus.

This is awesome because the Lambs Ear will encourage Wool Carder bees. Also the Viburnum, being a winter flowering variety, will also be good for early season bees in general.

I was hoping for an Osteospermum but that was not to be today. With luck I may still be able to cadge the boss into going via one of our parks just so I can dig some up. I won’t hold my breath though!

I was happy when I came home and I made the wife laugh out loud because I was…Well… A little “over excited” when explaining *why* I was happy. B-)



6 thoughts on “Last days gathering at work

    1. It was 2 wild self seeds from the previous year in the boss’ garden. He has to keep pulling it up so this time, rather than throw it out, he gave it me.

      And yes, it’s an amazing plant,.so soft and fluffy and a great contrasting colour to other plants around it. I like Senecio cineraria for the same reason.

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