Top dressing the veg plot / composting thoughts

The other day I saw a tweet from the RHS about using your compost in your garden. Now, normally I would do this much later on in springtime, but according to the RHS we should do this now.

So on Saturday morning it wasn’t raining and I decided to do that job now. I didn’t think it could hurt any. I would just be spreading it in winter rather than spring. *Shrug*

Now, this year the compost will be going solely on my veg plot to get it as good as I can for next season. I have already been scattering grass clippings onto the top of the plot and the worms have been pulling some of them down, awesome.


My first barrow full was really good stuff, it’s not usually this good. I guess the worms I put in the bin last year didn’t hurt at all!


The second barrow wasn’t as good. Still good to put on the plot but it had a bit more mass in it but that’s fine.


So both barrow loads went onto the veg plot. There wasn’t quite as much as I would really have liked, but its a big plot and only a smallish bin! Such is life I guess. B-)


So with a quick tickle with the fork to break up the top layer and start combining the new stuff with the existing soil, we are done for now. I will leave it for a couple of days and then fork it over again a bit deeper.

I have to say that I dug up LOADS of worms while turning the soil. Finding plenty of worms is always a sign of good soil (Read more here) so I am rather happy about that. It seems that turning over the grass when I initially cleared the area was a good idea. I’m glad I did it that way rather than simply take the sod away and dumping it.

I don’t want to have to add in any chemical fertilisers if I can avoid it… Mainly because they cost and I am the scrounging gardener! (Maybe I should change the tag line for this blog?!) but also because it means I will have to keep doing it unless I can find an alternative… And I would rather do that from the start!

Another thing I may try, now I have a half empty bin, is to put newspaper in the compost bin. It’s generally only green waste I use (garden waste and kitchen scraps) so adding some  other brown waste, along with my occasional load of wood pulp cat litter. We used to have a shredder but I have no idea where it went to. I will have to have a good look, it will be a big help.


11 thoughts on “Top dressing the veg plot / composting thoughts

      1. I know here in America people have these “composting toilets” I see inserted into those new “Tiny Homes” on TV, but I didn’t think they used the compost for veggies.

  1. The cat pee will be full of lovely nitrogen, which help your compost no end. I put newspaper, shredded letters, till receipts and toilet roll tubes in the compost. Seems a sensible way of recycling.

    That said, if you put your newspapers over the area you’ve just fertilised with manure it will help prevent the elements from compacting the soil and taking goodness out of it. Plus, you will have less weeding to do in the spring. (Cardboard might be better, so that it stays down better.)

    I wonder why the RHS has changed its mind? I’ve always put compost/manure down in autumn, depending on when it’s available.

        1. BTW… Do you shred your paper when you compost it?

          Some people do but I have been reading today that some don’t. They just layer it and dump some water and spoil on the top.

          1. I shred anything I would shred anyway (eg confidential documents) but otherwise personally I just put it in as is. Making it smaller makes it compost more quickly, so it’s up to you…. I’ve found turning the heap helps break up wodges of paper, which interestingly get full of red worms (apparently a good thing in compost).

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