November 5th and the scrounging gardener

I have to admit something here…. This post should have come out more than a week ago. It was written up and ready to be posted at the beginning of the month, ready for the 5th (Bonfire Night). But, like the idiot I am, I left it in my drafts rather than scheduling it and then forgot all about it. *Rolls eyes*

So here it is… Better late than never, eh?… No… That was rhetorical, don’t answer it.


Here in the UK, on November the 5th, we have a special event known as Guy Fawkes night, otherwise known as Bonfire Night. On this day (night) it’s very common to go to an organised bonfire or to have your own and to set off fireworks. Now I’m not one for fireworks personally, the flashes are nice but the bangs I can do without.
But us scrounging gardeners can score a win no matter how you feel about the actual fireworks. Those sticks can be useful! They can be used, depending on the size you get, as supports for different size of plants.

Image stolen from the interwebs because reasons

These things can be found all over in the few days after the 5th (If you live near an area like mine you will find them days both before and after too. >.> ). you are free to pick them up. Not only will you be clearing up litter and keeping the place tidy but you will be gaining something useful too. Recycling is Awesome!

If you know people that are having an organised display you may also be able to get hold of those much larger sticks that stay in the ground. Those can be better than bamboo canes!

Only one thing to say. before you handle any fireworks make sure they are both spent and cool. I don’t want anyone getting hurt handling hot or potentially dangerous fireworks!

Be safe everyone and have a great time!


3 thoughts on “November 5th and the scrounging gardener

  1. Thank goodness the bangs seem at last to have stopped. Sadly, I just end up with the shells in my garden but great you have found a purpose for firework leftovers 🙂

    1. I mainly find them strewn around on the streets or on the local field. Not seen to many at work though.

      Last year there were a lot more private displays than this year I guess people find it better at organised events.

      But, yeah. Glad it’s all over now.

      1. I’m amazed by some of the private events – really big fireworks like the council ones. However, you don’t get the same atmosphere outside of an organised event, do you.

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