Something I never thought I would do

So today is Wednesday 11th November and I just did something I never thought I would do. I just cut my lawn. I just want that to sink in a second… We are one third of the way through NOVEMBER and I just cut my grass! *shock*


Many people will tell you that you shouldn’t cut your grass after about the end of September but this year has been such an amazingly mild autumn that the grass is still growing and so needs trimming.

Now if you do cut your grass at this time of year you need to keep the grass a bit longer than you normally would. My grass is normally cut on the lowest setting, for this cut I had it on the 2nd from the highest! Unheard of at my house! B-)


So now my grass is cut but it’s still very long (By my standards). I didn’t strim the edges like I normally do because I tend to scalp on occasion and scalping at this time of year can be really bad! (Don’t do bad things, kids!)

One reason the grass may be doing so well is that not only did I feed the grass in summer but I also fed it again with an autumn/winter feed as well.

TL;DR – Yes you can cut your grass, just cut it long! B-)


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