Ever get that sinking feeling?

On Tuesday we had a bit of…. An issue at work.


Yeah… It started with this^ and went very quickly downhill. Literally…. Erm, well… Kinda. B-)


It appears that we had a problem with the stability of the ground we were driving over.

Now I could say I got a sinking feeling about this, but I didn’t… I really should have because when we pushed the van out of that hole we found that the hole itself was a much bigger problem than we anticipated!


Me and the other guy in the team had literally stood over this hole (This was taken after opening the top out a little, BTW)Β to push the van. The floor could have given out on us as there was no real strength in it and the soil was only a few inches thick at that point. The boss must have driven right over the top, the weakest point, when it gave.

The hole is about 2 metres deep and, after cutting the top out, about a metre wide. To say that we had a near miss is an understatement. If the top had given way while we were pushing the van someone could have been seriously hurt!

We think it’s possibly an air shaft for a coal pit that was located about 500 metres from where the hole appeared… An obvious link really.


After we did all we could at that point, cone it off and get out of the way! After we moved a proper team came down and put some proper barriers around it. And while I really don’t like the outcome… It has been *ahem* dealt with.

Oh… And on Thursday I get the amazing joy of having a ‘near-miss’ interview about it. Joy!… Not. >.>


37 thoughts on “Ever get that sinking feeling?

    1. Funnily enough the house we live in is an old miners house and is really close to a now closed pit head.
      A number of houses in our village have had minor issues with problems from it.
      Subsidence is a real problem for old mining areas.

          1. I’m not sure where the seams are. It was a working mine until 1983 and I live about half a mile from the pithead.

            Hopefully, you never experience anything untoward in your home and village πŸ™‚

            1. No idea when they closed the mine… But they filled in the pit head a couple of years ago and turned it into a nice open area for people to walk on.

              There was some mumblings about a couple of houses having subsidence… But nobody actually said anything as far as I know. Thankfully they are council houses in the main around here so I, at least, won’t have to pay if it does occur!

              1. Same happened with the pithead near us πŸ™‚

                And good if the council is responsible for making good any subsidence. I think the National Coal Board has promised the same for me (in return for me not claiming any of the coal).

                1. Claiming coal?
                  Are you from a mining family? A few of the people near here get a small amount of coal a year as part of some pension or something?

                  I think quite a lot of rural Wakefield has pit heads nearby.

                  1. No, I’m not from a mining family πŸ™‚ The deal was I would make no claim to any coal under my house – as though I would, considering my garden is only small.

                    Yes, you can see evidence all over of what used to be coal mines, e.g. Waterton near Nostell Priory. Mind you, there was also a coal mine in Kirkstall, central Leeds (now). When I had my allotment there, I used to find bits of coal….

                    1. I still find lumps of coal in my garden and I swear I have turned over every inch by now! I didn’t think you needed to sign a contract to not make a claim….. Because you couldn’t even if you wanted to. (Mineral rights belong to the crown!)

                      But anyway… Yeah. As long as the Earth doesn’t open up and swallow me, we should be all good. B-)
                      (Don’t quote me on that though!)

    1. When a near miss happens at work we have a form we have to fill in. I near miss is also a potential accident for next time. This is a bit of random one so not sure how they could foresee it. Let alone set up a method statement for it!

        1. Well… Apparently we need to have access to fencing that can be used to lock off the hole. We also need to have phone numbers for certain people that can deal with it even at non-work hours.
          We carry rope anyway. B-)

            1. Abandoned coal mines leave huge problems afterward. Water often gets outlook thaw old shafts and can make them crumble. And air shafts can empty of the water moves to much sediment.
              I don’t think we have any franking going on here. They tried to stay but it got a strong “hell no” after seeing what has been happening in the US. All those earthquakes on or tiny island would NOT be good!

                1. Could care less? You mean “couldn’t”? *confused*

                  Anyway… You have a new PM now so that may change. He seems like a good guy with his head screwed on right

                    1. Not many governments will stand up against any big money companies. In the US is even worse. We don’t have it so bad… But still bad enough. They do tend to get away with a lot. B-(

                    2. I don’t mind big companies. I do mind when our governments sell our resources to them when we should be making the money instead. It’s not even logical. Why would they hand them over to other countries? We should be a very rich country with no deficit.

                    3. It’s a quicker money grab. Rather than make more money over time then make a lesser amount but they get it right now. They may not still be in power in 4 years (or whatever). Only a good government truly plans ahead. Most make they’re own party look good right now. Tomorrow can look after itself

                    4. I don’t think any government should be allowed to sell our resources to companies and give away the opportunity for our country to be the ones making a profit from it. Since they are only in power for a period of time, why should they be able to make such decisions without a vote from the people they are selling it out under. Considering the fact the more they sell off, the more taking from the average Joe, to recover the income they need to run this country.
                      But they do, and we just keep on working and paying…I better stop my little rant! I could go on and on. πŸ˜‰

                    5. Over here in the 80s/90s they sold off the rail network. Now, because the private companies have screwed it up there are noises being made about buying it back. What a joke.

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