Cleaning out the greenhouse

Friday gone was a really busy day!

I waved goodbye to my wife who left to go on her 3 week holiday in America, I cleaned up the house, dyed my daughters hair and then by 4pm I finally got a chance to get out into the garden and get some easy work done!


Now that autumn is here and Winter is Coming(tm) and the temperatures are only heading one way, I gave up on the hopes that the tiny crop of tomatoes in my greenhouse will actually ripen up on their own!


So I cropped the lot, cut the plants down and gathered all the vines. Not a bad crop seeing as all the plants were found very late in the season from self seeded plants!
I’m thinking the plants were a cherry tomato as none of the fruit I have is bigger than a cherry. Most are smaller, although they may just be immature.


In the end I got almost 2 and a half pounds of fruit! Amazing! So happy with that.

20151009_100527 20151009_100514

Also in my greenhouse there are my sweet peppers. Those are still doing well. Ok… The very first fruit is all weird, but I will use that simply for the seeds, so I can have another go next year. I also have new fruit coming through.
I’m hoping that they will ripen on the vine. They are still growing and putting out produce, unlike the tomatoes that seemed to have simply stopped doing anything since the cold mornings started.


My cucumber plant that I found along with my tomatoes is doing well, there are a few flowers like you can see above but I don’t think they will do anything, its simply too late in the year and by the time they will be open the temperature will be too low for any fruiting. I have left it for now as I like the colouring on the leaves.

I also cropped a few more Jalapeños from the chilli plant. Not really any new fruit, simply a ripening of the crop already on there. I’m also going to try any keep the plant and over winter it again. This will be year 3 for the plant so I may see a drop in quality next year. We shall have to wait and see for that one. I’ve done well out of it so I’m not so worried.


The last couple of things are simple notes.
The lemon plants I have in my greenhouse are growing again…Well, 3 are… (Yes I am looking at you lefty!) The poor thing is green but doing nothing! Autumn growth seems consistent as the lemon plant I have in the bathroom looks just the same as the right 3. So not so much to report there. Still no scent from it though… Not sure if that is normal. *shrug*


The last things are my strawberry plants and scented geraniums.
The strawberries on the left are a gift from my neighbour, they are runners off other established plants and the ones on the right are my own grown this year from seed.

The geraniums are marvellous! The scent now is even stronger than it was when I took the cuttings earlier this year. They may need to come indoors rather than being left in the greenhouse. The greenhouse isn’t heated so I don’t think they will survive a cold winter in there.

With all the plants that are being brought into the house I’m going to need to have a few more windows fitted. The wife has already made a couple of comments but she isn’t actually complaining yet. B-)


5 thoughts on “Cleaning out the greenhouse

    1. I’ve not actually tasted anything out of there yet. I don’t actually grow peppers for the kitchen as such. But if they work I will look to ways of using them.
      The sweet peppers should work just the same as capsicums so they should just get chopped and put in. The chillies… Not so much!

        1. This is why I stopped at jalapeno. I grew cayenne a couple of years ago and they near made me cry!
          Then there was the fact that I was handling them without gloves… That was, erm… A “mistake”.

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