A rod for your back?

I just had to share something with you today.

Earlier this week we passed the house of the sister of one of the older guys where I work. Every year she has this AMAZING display of Dahlias. I have seen it for the last 5 years and it always amazes me. Luckily this time I got my boss to stop the van so I could take a shot to share with you.

Every spring she preps the soil, turns it over and adds in manure then she plants this epic display, bulb by bulb. Not an easy task I’m sure you will agree! She then takes care of them as they grow, feeding as needed and then you get this display…


Through the flowering time she will be ready with her secateurs to dead-head as they end. Nothing will be allowed to bespeckle her show!

And then at this time of year, when the plants are reaching the end or when the frosts have hit the foliage, she will go through the whole display, cutting to the ground, composting the greenery and carefully lifting the tubers. Then she will inspect them for problems, then she will bag them up according to colours or types to rest over winter to start the whole thing again next year.

*Deep Breath!*
Now that is dedication!

She even propagates her own stock and gives out extras as she gets them.
I also believe she breeds her own flowers, but I’m not sure if that was mentioned when we were talking or I dreamed that one up.


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