Slow down

Now that Autumn is here and the garden is mainly going to sleep so I’ll likely be posting less. Obviously if I have something to say I will post it.

Now this isn’t a hiatus… I normally post 3 times a week, I may drop back to 2 or maybe even one per week. I will try to keep posting once a week, on a Friday if I can but no promises!

It may well be that projects get posted about. But there is also the possibility that I may not post for a couple of weeks.

You have been warned!


19 thoughts on “Slow down

      1. It might be nice to speak and interact with real people in the present moment. To actually see their expressions. I’m an introvert and I feel more talkative when I type in posts and comments. When I go out in public especially I may clam up.

        1. I’m not big on interacting with people most of the time. I’m OK with people in short bursts and the guys at work are OK. But most of the time I prefer to be alone. *shrug*
          Thus I have very few friends.

          1. I have few friends myself, but I’m not a loner, I just interact better one on one or maybe 2 or three if I’m having an merry old extroverted day. I work well alone, but I have no problem interacting at work.. or at least I did when I had a good full time job.

            1. I will happily talk to nobody for days at a time. Its not that I am being ignorant or anything. I just don’t have anything to say. People tend to think I’m being nasty though. B-(

  1. I have a spider plant that needs re-potting, the parent plant was given to me over 30 years ago by my husband’s mother. Every so often I throw out the parent plant and keep a large baby plant that’s hanging down. I already did that with the bathroom Spider plant. and I am about ready to do that with the large Living Room plant, but I feel like a murderer. Do you suppose the plant is screaming while I do it?

    1. No. I really doubt that very much. Their nervous system is so rudimentary it’s really just reacting to basic stimuli.
      I’d you cut it the reaction is to fix the issue. No thought process.
      Most animals don’t show pain the same way we do. Why should plants?
      Also. No brain.

      But here is silly fact for you. You know that fresh cut grass smell that many like? That smell is the liquid that fills the veins… The blood if you will.

      So many people enjoy the smell of grass blood. Charming. B-)

      1. Grass blood huh? HA! I’m not so sure animals don’t feel any pain, no you said SHOW pain. I don’t agree there.We’ve had dogs that were big crying babies when they got a injured leg.

        1. I have seen dogs walk on broken legs and not even whimper. I know foxes (urban ones at least) walk on broken legs. That has got to be serious pain.
          And what about giving birth? Horses do it standing up and barely make a sound!

          1. I gave birth twice it hurts like hell! LOL As for horses and cows.. well hooved animals know crying in pain doesn’t help the situation or it never occurred to them! Baby rabbits cry when a cat has one in it’s mouth.

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