Veg plot project. Part 1(ish)

This Friday, when I got home from work, I went back straight back to work. I knew it was going to be a long hard day.

After cutting the grass and doing a quick general tidy up of the main part of the garden I headed for the area I spoke about in another blog post. I’m changing the flower bed into a veg plot. In the past I have had some fairly good results from veggies and I would like to have another go in a proper setting with a little more dedication.


^So, I started with this^

The first to go was the Verbena, the finished foxgloves and any wild self-seeds and weeds from the bed.

Next the Hostas and the perennial Geraniums were moved to other parts of the garden. I didn’t want to throw out any perennial plants if I could find somewhere else to put it, or to give it away to someone. One of the Hostas actually went to my neighbour over that fence.

Then I attempted to dig out that Euonymus you can see on the right but it didn’t work. I don’t know if the roots were weak or the plant was having issues but the stem broke at ground level so I just hacked it out and dumped it. I did try to keep it, but… *sigh*… such is life.

Next I started working around the area forking, lifting and turning over the soil to dig out the bulbs I have planted in the past. I think I got them all. I got quite a few of them, that is for sure. They were then checked for problems and replanted them all over the garden in the borders.


Now it looks like this.

The only flowers that are left is the small border and the Geraniums. Those will die off soon enough when we get a couple of frosts. That will only leave the Polyanthus and the Aubrieta which I wanted to keep as it breaks up the path area and may encourage bees and insects into the area. 

When the last annuals finish I will pull those up and turn over that area too. I want to see if I can rotavate that whole area after the frosts start so it can break up the soil over winter.

If I can get hold of some well rotted manure it will go in before I rotavate it. Double digging is rightfully called bastard digging… I just wish it was called bastard digging because it’s a bastard (It’s not, BTW).

So part one is done. Part 1.5 will happen when the frosts start and part two will happen when I can get it all double dug and then rotivated. Then it will sit over winter and then in Spring…. Veggies!


3 thoughts on “Veg plot project. Part 1(ish)

    1. Because the patch that I am using was only ever just packed down grass. When I took the turf off to plant some flowers it was like cutting concrete.
      So I’m going to loosen it off and try and improve it somehow. Hence double digging and getting some good manure in there.

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