What is this Autumnal madness?

OK… So it’s now the 3rd week in September and we are in the astronomical fall, that’s Autumn to the rest of us in the Northern Hemisphere. The sun is slipping and the mornings and evenings are getting a definite nip in the air.

But, hold up here for a sec… It’s getting cooler… Not warming up after a cold winter… So why the hell are my Muscari pushing up?


What is this madness I see?! O.o

I was doing some weeding and near hoe’d right through this bunch. (Yes, I know I just had a blog post about watching where you hoe… Don’t judge me.) Luckily my Spider-sense tingled and I didn’t kill them.

But it still begs the question… Why are they sprouting? As far as I know they are not an Autumn variety as they already had a nice show in spring both this and last year. I also don’t think they are Grape Hyacinth (An invasive member of the Muscari family), although they do also show in Autumn and then flower in the spring.


Another reason I don’t think they are Grape Hyacinth is that the above pic is a clump after 3 years. Only 7 plants? I think… Wait a minute! Did some bugger sell me Grape Hyacinth when I asked for Muscari armeniacum?

The more astute amongst you may well have now already noted that Grape Hyacinth IS Muscari armeniacum… *sigh* Now comes the inevitable point where I have to watch them spread. I have seen gardens where its gotten out of control. It’s not nice. Lots of digging to get the bloody things out. The only thing worse than GH is Montbretia (Crocosmia).

With luck I can stay on top of it. It’s a very pretty flower that makes wonderful drifts of blue in the springtime. And, of course, Bees need that early nectar!


8 thoughts on “What is this Autumnal madness?

    1. Crocosmia is quite invasive. It took me about 3 years to get a clump out of my garden that was spreading.
      Muscari is not quite as bad, but can be a problem if allowed to spread.

        1. Put it in a big pot and sink it into the ground… Or put some of that cheap plastic edging around it. It won’t spread beyond that as it’s not drop enough to get below it.

          1. I’m just going to dig mine our again as it is the vegetable patch. Might transfer some to the front garden but the soil is too shallow for any kind of pot.

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