Thoughts and possible plans

The last couple of weeks I have been having thinky-thoughts. Thoughts about ripping out the flower bed and turning it into a veg plot. In our house we spend a lot on veggies, so why should I not grow my own and save all that money and get an improved flavour at the same time?


So… The plan? Simple. Rip out all the plants, perennial and annual. The annuals can be composted and the perennials can be moved to different parts of the garden. If I can’t find a new home for them then I will offer them out to others. I know my neighbour wants one of my Hostas! My big issue here is going to be the allium bulbs. They will need to be lifted and moved into the borders soonish if I am going to do this.

From there I will turn it all over, maybe dig in some manure if I can get some, and allow the bed to quietly overwinter, apart from the winter onions I already planted that is. Then next spring I will start with a clean slate and plant out some basics. Carrots, potatoes, parsnips and onions should do as a start. We are not fond of beans but maybe some peas?

veg plot map

The bed isn’t big, only 15ft on its longest side so I won’t manage to get too much in, but anything is better than nothing! Potatoes will take up the majority of the plot and peas will grow tall so they need to go on a trellis behind other things. I’d like to add in some tomatoes but I’m not sure where to put them. Maybe I could put them in a row parallel with the potatoes near the question mark so they won’t block out any light to the other crops.
I could also put in a few clumps of garlic, radishes and maybe some spinach. I was thinking about lettuce but we prefer spinach over lettuce. these bits can go in almost anywhere really as far as I know. They can be gap fillers.

In winter I can swap it all over and grow some root crops like more potatoes and onions. Maybe some cabbage? Sprouts will work but we don’t eat many of them so only a couple of those. I’ll have to do some research on winter crops.

So much to think about and consider!


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