Considering my Raspberries

This year was the first full year for my raspberries. I got a small amount of fruit, about 10 actual berries, but what I’m mainly doing is setting up for next year. The type I have is Rubus idaeus ‘Ottawa’. As far as I know it’s a Floricane… A summer fruiting plant. It’s hard to find out what type it is as the tag has bugger all info and the interwebs is remarkably free of specific info… Either that of my Google-fu has failed me! Anyway… Moving on.

So now I want next years crop to be really good, I do love me some Raspberries! I really need to move the plant a little or find a way to support it in another method. Canes can be good but I can’t put canes in there where it is now.


What I am thinking of is moving the Raspberry that you can see in front of the greenhouse, to the left a little where the Sedum is now (Under the window). When the Raspberry is there I can use the wall to put some wires up to support the canes. I’m going to move the Sedum to the front of the house and planting it in the ground anyway so no worries there.


As the Raspberry is now it looks like it’s setting up for next year already. In the above pic you can see about 5 new shoots pushing up. I’m guessing these won’t do much over winter but will be ready when spring gets here to make a push for the summer.

I swear most of this year has actually been spent prepping for NEXT year! I suppose this is a perennial problem for gardeners!


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