Greenhouse blues

I have seemingly made a couple of mistakes with my greenhouse. First off, one mistake was to take on the tomatoes! By my giddy aunt they have gone all out of control!


There is 6 tomato plants in there… Yeah… THAT was a mistake! But they are in and everything is still surviving so I will let them stay. They are also doing well producing fruit.  I also have a cucumber plant in there… Well, I think it’s a cucumber. It’s yet to produce a flower or fruit so I may be wrong!


I also have a couple of chillies in there. 2 sweet chillies and a Jalapeño (Above). The Jalapeño is doing really well, lots of fruit and a couple, as you can see, are turning red. The sweet chillies are not doing so well. One has produced fruit that is…Wrong. I think its been eaten. Luckily there are other fruit forming so we should be ok.


Also, this year has given my greenhouse a battering. It was quite windy in the spring and the plastic is a couple of years old. So it’s now splitting. I really do need to find a way to patch them up or replace the plastic. So far I have no idea how to do that. I have heard that some people have used old plastic bus stop panels. I tried finding out where they got them but so far I’m at a dead-end.

A couple of good points though.


The scented Geraniums I took cuttings from earlier this year are doing well. They are very strong scented and with luck they will overwinter well, maybe in the house.


Also on the good column is the strawberries. Those inside and outside the greenhouse. The ones inside have been limited by the pots they are in. The ones outside, in the vertical set up I made, have done even better! One even has a plantlet! Those were all put in REALLY late and I really didn’t think they would do anything of any worth. I only put them in as a proof of concept for the vertical garden idea. So a huge win right there.

The final piece is about the Lemon plants I have in my greenhouse. I’m not sure if its good or not but they have put on a little mass over the year, not much at all… And I don’t know why. They also still have that strange vein-y look, almost anaemic really.

All in all its been a fairly good year for the Greenhouse. A few fails, mainly in the seed department, but other than those blips its been good. But I do need to think about how to upgrade or renovate it somehow.


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