Garden round-up and new photo skills!

As I sit writing this its Sunday morning, I have just made a double batch of bread rolls and I somehow managed to hurt my back. *Sigh* So, taking a break, I decided to write a catch-up blog post.

The seasons are beginning to change. There is defiantly an autumnal nip in the morning air and some of my plants are ending, others are simply changing.  As a whole the garden is going through a metamorphosis as it gears toward the winter sleep.

I also learned a new trick on my phone, panoramics! All thanks has to go to the wife for this. I had to ask her to help me learn how to do it. I thought a panoramic photo was where you stand still and turn on the spot… It isn’t! *facepalm*

Below are 3 shots I took of the main beds in my garden.



Click for MUCH larger images

Not the best shots in the world, but its a new thing so I hope I get better over time!
The top two are from my back garden and the bottom is the larger border in the front. Still lots of colour around but you can still see the start of a wind-down. Many flowers are not producing new flower buds and those that are in bloom are looking ragged.

When the flowers are done I’ll be cutting my grass and putting the clippings down as mulch on the beds. I have been doing that for a couple of years now and I have seen a definite improvement!


One thought on “Garden round-up and new photo skills!

  1. Bread rolls! So good fresh out of the oven. Sorry about your back. Those pictures are great. It looks like you have a nice size lot. I don’t know if my camera takes panoramic pictures, I think I need a special lens to do it. It’s too bad the garden season is ending but the drying, dehydrating, canning, freezing has been keeping us so busy! Cleaning up the gardens and preparing them for next season will be next. I have learned so much this year and we can use that knowledge to be better prepared. I am almost happy to not have year round gardening, a rest will be nice. Sit back with books and start planning for next year!

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