Bulb planting, Council style

On Friday I planted out the Crocus bulbs I bought the other week. Now, as you all know I do everything on the cheap. That means I didn’t have the correct tools to do the job.

I was hoping I would be able to nick the special tool from work so that all this would be so super easy… But no! Apparently the tool was broken and ditched a couple of years ago and, because it’s the council, everything is now done as a botch job. So… Friday morning I had a quick how-to on planting bulbs, the council way.

Basically you cut a square with any bladed instrument, I used a half-moon edger, churn up the soil beneath and plant the bulbs. Simple! not as quick as a specialist tool but there you go!


And so Friday afternoon I went out with my edger, bulbs, some spare time and an empty grassy area.


I cut out a bunch of squares in a triangle pattern. At work they all stress NOT planting in an ordered pattern because it’s not natural.  Ordered floral patterns tend not to look as good if they are really ordered, or so they tell me. While the overall display may be ordered to a degree, the actual planting is not. This is why people often talk about ‘Scatter planting’ or ‘Drift planting’. So keep your planting loose and uneven.


Next I loosened up the soil beneath and placed 3 bulbs in each square At least 3 inches deep and an inch distant from each other.
It’s also worth saying that you should keep some kind of sheeting close to hand so you don’t scatter soil over the top of the grass. When you dig out the holes you are likely to make a mess and you don’t want a lot of soil on top of the grass as it makes a mess and you lose mass underground. Not so good.

Now please note that the bulbs were actually planted a bit deeper than in the above pic. I just needed to get a pic while I thought about it… I had actually already planted nearly all the bulbs before I remembered to do it. *sigh*

When all the bulbs are planted and you are happy, you can go around and replace the cut patches (sods, awesome word!) back into the lawn.


If you do it right you can relay the turf (Sods!) without too much evidence that it was lifted!
One trick for placing turf is to get both edges proud and then push them both down together. Once the turf is replaced make sure you water the area well. I didn’t bother because I knew today (Saturday) would be a wet day so I didn’t need to.

Side note. I actually had to cut 7 groups of 3 squares with 3 bulbs in each (7 x 3 x 3 = 63) and I even then had 2 left over!… Each box says it contained 30 bulbs. So thanks Sainsbury’s for putting in 5 bonus bulbs! B-)

Free stuff is awesome!

When I have some more time I will be planting the Glory in the Snow in the borders. That will be much easier as it’s simply a case of scatter (Drift) planting. The only reason I didn’t do it yesterday is that I ran out of time. Such is life.


4 thoughts on “Bulb planting, Council style

    1. No. It’s fine. It’s very common (over here) to have crocus, daffies and other spring bulbs growing through grass.

      At work one of the major jobs is to thin out over grown daffy plots.

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