Time to sleep

Summer is ending and this is the time of year where several plants bed down for the Autumn/Winter and have a sleep. They spent all Spring putting on their finest and all Summer wearing it and now it’s time to rest.


My Amaryllis is starting to look tired, its leaves don’t have the strength or colouring they did and a couple have already started drying out. Its obvious that the plant is pulling in the nutrients from the leaves to pad out the bulb ready for the big push next time.

I do have something else to show you.


Last year I was very happy when the bulb split and the offset, the one to the right in the above picture, pushed its own leaves up. Although I didn’t get any flowers from it the leaves were good, green and strong, a good sign of a successful propagation.

So colour me happy again when I noticed that the main bulb was showing signs of possibly splitting again next year! There is definitely two leaf sets on that main bulb, this is exactly what it looked like when I bought it and the offset appeared almost immediately.

I’m hoping that the offset to the right will be mature enough with a good root structure to stand on its own or I am going to have to get a bigger pot as this one is now all warped out of shape by the spreading of the two bulbs. In fact I think the lack of space may have affected the offset in a bad way by limiting its spread. I dunno.

Once the leaves are yellowed out and I have worked out what I am going to do about re-potting, it will be a quick soil change and then off to bed it goes in a dark cool place ready for a new flower showing sometime around Christmas… With a little luck!


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