Spring bulb follow up

So, a quick follow up from the last blog post…


We were in Sainsbury’s this evening and they had a display of Spring bulbs. I picked up 2 packs of Crocus and something else… Glory of the snow, also known as Chionodoxa luciliae. I have never heard of it but after doing the Google, it’s actually rather pretty! It’s not a lawn flower like Crocus are, so it will have to go into the borders to fill out some empty plots.

The Crocus will go into the lawn for some expansive colour. With luck they will naturalise over time and create a carpet. I’ll also NOT do a wild scatter as some people do. I’ll be using a more formal 3 bulb cluster method. I’ll have to look up on how to drift-plant the Glory’s though, never seen that done.

I’ll be putting them in next weekend as I will have to nick the bulb planter from work. If you think I am using a spade to dig up the lawn then you’ve got another think coming!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Spring bulb follow up

  1. Glad you got the Crocus seeds. The Glory of the Snow are so pretty, they remind me of Forget-Me-Nots but better. Had to look up what drift-planting was, wow! The images were beautiful. Best of luck.

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