Fighting temptation

So this week 3 seed/bulb catalogues have hit the mat either at home or at work. Some utterly awesome plants in there and I’m so seriously tempted to buy things.

At work one of the guys is buying a bunch of stuff… Spending almost £100 (US$150) in one go! Now I can’t afford anything like that… But I am thinking of getting some crocus bulbs.


Crocus are great for awesome spring colour in the garden but they are also great for early insects. Bees and other early insects need this rich source of pollen. Spring is a difficult time and for Bees in particular. They need to restock their stores and get their hives moving allowing them to lay eggs for a new generation of workers.

Don’t think that it’s just for them either. You will be helping your neighbours as well. Bees are vitally needed for pollination of other plants and crops. Many people grow food in their gardens and without that Spring boost it may well be that there won’t be enough bees flitting around.

There is no loser at all in this scenario. You get pretty flowers and we all get to eat food later on in the year after the bees have done their jobs.

So maybe I will see if the wife is amiable to spending a little cash. B-)


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