Clean up… Aisle 3!

So Bank holiday Monday saw me finally clearing out one of the corners of my garden. The corner mainly had Lupins in it but there was another plant in there that tends to get overwhelmed during the summer.


Now I really enjoyed the summer display I got from my Lupins but I also like the other plant too.


Ta-da! My Cordyline!

Now I know in time it will grow and not have the issue that I have had for the last couple of years. But until then I have to suffer my Cordy being out of sight until they finish.

Also… A side thing. My Lupins are now growing in strong clumps and that’s great, but I am not seeing any random seedlings. My Foxgloves are producing random seedlings around the garden, but none of the Lupins, so far, have spread. It could be I’m doing something right/wrong because my Aquilegia has yet to produce and seedlings either.

I’m not sure if its good or bad that I don’t get new plants but it is annoying. I’m a little worried because


One thought on “Clean up… Aisle 3!

  1. Same with our Yucca, some years we get new ones, sometimes we don’t. Some things are ahead a month, some behind a month. It has been a strange few years. Hope you eventually get some. Oh, Because…….???

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