Weeding methods

Today I was going to go out into the garden and do some weeding… But it’s wet. Now I’m a lazy bugger and usually leave the weeds where I cut them. Sometimes I throw them onto the lawn if I am going to mow the lawn later or if they are larger weeds that I have missed then I will pull them and then they go in the compost bin. But, to be honest, most of the time I just leave them on the top of the soil to decompose where they are.

Now, my preferred method only works in dry weather… When it’s wet you have to pull them as some weeds have the amazing ability to re-root themselves! ARGH! Nothing worse than weeding a bed at work to come back a couple of days later and find that the weeds you just hoe’d are still going strong!

So over time I learned that in some occasions you have to alter the method of weeding. In the wet you HAVE to use a trowel or something, pull it up and take it away. In the hot sun you can simply break the roots with a quick tickle with a hoe and leave it where it falls.

Now there are some situations where you simply CAN’T leave it on the floor. If you have crops then I found that you can’t really leave anything. Get it up and get it out.


At work we actually only have one kind of hoe and its known to us as a speed hoe. It has 2 blades for severing roots (Push and pull motions) and can be turned over and be used to break up the top inch or so of the soil.

One thing I should point out here is that we keep a sharp blade on our tools, even our hoes. Something I was surprised that others don’t do. O.o

Now that I wrote this… I’m going out to do some weeding… In the rain.
I’m an idiot!


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