…After the rain

Over the weekend, Saturday afternoon/evening mainly, we had a HUGE amount of rain dumped on us. It started with a little light rain and some thunder and lightning. nothing bad… Then it all opened up and it all got real!

This is how heavy the rain got at one point. This was when we started to worry a little!
Click to see the vid on Flickr

After we watched the rain for a few mins we knew we may have issues! Our village had all but been flooded out a few years ago and some of our neighbours had real problems afterwards. Damage to their homes, gardens and property and the follow-up of not being able to get insurance and so on. So we were rightly justified in being concerned!

Just so you understand, our village is on a slope. Quite a big one actually. Between the front of my garden and the back is roughly a 3ft drop. Over the whole village it’s about 40ft! So while I was concerned I knew that the water would not ever be able to get into our house. Not only would the front garden have to flood but the whole garden, plus the back garden and the beck at the back would have to flood before it rose enough to get over the threshold. Our neighbours further down the hill were not so lucky!

Our cul-de-sac filling up

Now, our cul-de-sac floods all the time. It’s not a big deal. The water flows down from the top of the village and collects here and flows out and down the street. When it gets overfull it flows into our gardens and settles there.

This is a quick vid of the water flowing into our front garden.
Click for the video on Flickr

I was getting really worried when I stuck my head out the front door.

This was how the front filled.

This is how the front looked when the rain stopped. It didn't clear till the next day

This is how the garden looked when the rain finally stopped. It was about 8″ deep up against the house. Only about 5 or 6 against the fence. It still lifted the wood I was using as a border though!

A couple of our neighbours further down the hill were partially flooded. Nothing too serious and none of it go into the house itself. Flood doors were fitted to most of them so that was a good thing. The only problem I have now is that I only planted some seeds a few days ago, onions to be precise. I hope they will be ok. the water was flowing and may have moved some or lifted them, perhaps? I guess only time will tell.

My other issue is that the ground is now absolutely saturated. Only the top 8 or 10 inches is good soil, below that it’s clay…Thick, heavy clay. The water just sits on top of it until it can slowly flow on.

I can’t do much about the clay, I’ll just have to wait for the water to flow out… But at least I don’t have to worry about watering my plants today!

6 thoughts on “…After the rain

        1. Nah. It’s all fine. The rain we had after wasn’t heavy at all. We are back to normal now. (lol!)

          A couple of my plants are bent from when the ground was wet and the weight of them made then shift but it’s fine.

          At work we have been dealing with the damage all week. Loads of trees losing limbs. More than one has shifted and had to be cut down. B-(

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