Flowering houseplants

Well… Houseplant… Singular.

Last year I started growing an Albuca Spiralis – Frizzle Sizzle’ for the wife because she loved the amazing spiralling of the succulent like leaves. I started it growing in time for her Birthday, well… It looks like it may flower for her Birthday too!


I was looking at the plant today to see if it needed watering or not yet. (As it was it did!) but bugger me if I didn’t see a flower spike growing!

Now the wife has had it in a gentle clasp as the plant tends to want to lean over a little. The plant is still very young and not very strong yet. Also… I’m a little worried as it has yet to have a dormant period so far. Maybe it’s just one of those weird things because the plant is indoors and so in a semi-controlled environment… I don’t know, but I’m still happy!

20150819_144206As you can see the spike has 3 flowers, if they will produce seed or not I don’t know. I’m actually surprised it flowered at all!

The plant will likely need propping if the flowers do grow, that spike really does get a lot bigger than the rest of the plant and with the root structure not being be that strong yet I will have to play it by ear. I just hope I don’t get forced to cut the spike.

Click for a larger image

Impressive, no?


5 thoughts on “Flowering houseplants

  1. It’s a great plant even when it’s not flowering. Good luck with it! I’m not very good with houseplants. I have an old one that used to be small but is now like a triffid since my sweetheart told me off for keeping it in a pot that was too small and repotted it (several times) – now it’s outside for the summer as it no longer fits inside my kitchen. Other than that, they never last long with me. About the only plants I can grow indoors to my satisfaction are pelargoniums.

    1. I used to grow a few house plants. Now I don’t have space or time to look after them all.

      Once I have a plant growing I can generally keep it going… It’s STARTING them that I find most difficult. More fails than wins. B-(

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