Finished my insect house… Kinda

On Monday I made a blog post about my latest project that I started this week. Well, now I am done… Kinda.

As per typical for me I didn’t manage to gather quite enough materials to fit it all in properly… This is why it’s only ‘Kinda’ complete. It’s all there and its complete, I just need a few more pine cones and cut up a few more brambles to make it actually complete.

So anyway. This is the steps I made, what I got done and how it looks at the end.


Monday afternoon saw me in the garden cutting up the pallet wood I got from work to make the outer frame. I had to change my first idea. I REALLY didn’t judge the ratio well. I had to do a hasty cut-down later on when I realised that I would have to spend an IMMENSE amount of time gathering bits to fill it and also… It would weigh a TON!

20150818_143411Once I had the very basic frame put together I had to cut it down to what you see above. It’s about 2ft x 1ft in size and it does weigh quite a bit!

The bit at the bottom was the first bit completed. I actually completed that bit on Monday afternoon. It’s filled with corrugated cardboard. I wish I had caught it on camera, but even when I was actively putting the cardboard in I noticed a couple of tiny bugs crawling in!  not even completed and already I had some visitors!


Next came the larger wooden sticks, broken bark pieces and the twig pile. You will notice in the next pic that I had to move the bark pieces. That was a simple mistake on my part…

Ow, ow, ow OW!

As you can see the bark pieces are now in the top part and now comes the painful bit! Putting in that pile of bramble pieces was NOT painless! If you click the image you will see the brambles go to the back. This is simply to give insects somewhere to hide in. You will also notice the pine cones on the top. Those, as you will see in the next pic, will go in front of those brambles.


This is how the end product will look. The whole lot will be fronted by a piece of wire mesh so that the individual pieces won’t fall out. I won’t be attaching the mesh until I gather some more pine cones and brambles to fill out that area. I only put it on so I could take a pic.

The only other thing I need is some way to weatherproof the roof. I’m thinking of a piece of plastic, maybe some pond liner or maybe a couple of roof tiles, if I can find some. I don’t know yet.

As it is I am very happy with how it turned out. Once its done I will get it outside and get it up on the back wall.

Have a great day, people… I know I have! B-)
Now if you will excuse me I need to get some medical help for my sore fingers!


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