Flickr issues

I think I fixed the links… If you find a broken image let me know.

Ok… For some reason Flickr has decided to change the way it’s sharing the images on its site. This means that now all the links to my images on Flickr are broken…

Yeah… I’m not impressed.

I’ll try to get it fixed ASAP but until then older posts won’t have pics and…. Well… I honestly don’t know what to do…

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

If ever there was a moment for a *flips table*, this is it.


8 thoughts on “Flickr issues

  1. Do you host your images on Flickr to save space on your blog? I haven’t thought much about that issue and just planned on dealing with running out if and when it ever happened.

    1. Actually I had a load of images in Flickr ages ago anyway. When I got this blog going it told me that I could incorporate those files with the blog very easily so I did that.
      Little did I know that as soon as I started they would change the format and then later on (today) change the linking system on me!

      It was the wife that told me I needed to start using the media space to upload images too because then I can use Featured images that change the header.

      Now all my images for the blog get uploaded here. I don’t think I have uploaded anything to Flickr for a few weeks.

    1. No idea. Best thing to do is to look at the page and see if the links are broken.

      With the new layout for Flickr it doesn’t like you getting the direct image links. They want you to link to the page with their special links.
      I have no idea why they did that. Silly really.

        1. I think it may be a certain server that got moved our borked (technical term) It’s entirely possible that had I waited it would have fixed itself.

          Which would be typical for me. >.>

    1. It seems to be all fixed. I’m still thinking that it may have resolved itself in time. It was only that I was working on a piece when I noticed my images gone.
      But either way it’s done and my images are back.
      It’s all good now.

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