My project for next week

A while ago I was talking about making an all new Bee palace for the miner bees that I have visiting my garden. Well… Over time that idea kind of expanded a little to all solitary bees and then expanded again to include many of the other insects that also play a very important role in my garden.

So my project went from having a few cut up bamboo sticks better packed in an actual wooden frame to what I have in mind now.

Now… Before I go any further I have to admit that this was a little easier to do on a budget than many of my project ideas! Most…. Sorry almost ALL the items used were picked up for free. All I had to buy was the nails to put it all together and the drill I used, which I already had.

So… What do I have and what am I doing?


The biggest items are the 4 pallet corners you see above. They will be the corner of my structure. I’ll be nailing the frame to them. Not only that but as you can see I already drilled a few holes (5mm and 8mm if you wanted to know?) And, when I find it, I’ll also make a couple of 10mm holes.


When the outer frame has been made I will use the above items to fill out various sections of the frame. In the above pic are…

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Cut up bramble sticks
  • Pine cones (In a few sizes)
  • willow twigs (taken from the willow fence we used to have)
  • A piece of wire mesh to hold the items in place (Not pictured)


I also have 2 Elder wood sticks. Two different sizes and I will cut it up into sections once I know how deep I’m going to make the frame. Some of these pieces, when they are cut up, will have holes drilled in them and some won’t.
Elder is a hardwood so I don’t think that burrowing insects will get much out of it unless I drill in some holes. But many insect houses have blocks of hardwood without holes drilled in… So I don’t know. I may keep the non-drilled bits to a minimum.


The only other thing I needed was some wood to make the frame. In the end I decided to keep an eye out for a discarded pallet. I found one and ripped it apart. Some of the wood is in the above pic… The rest is elsewhere because I’ve not had chance to get all the nails and stuff off it yet.

In the end I hope it looks a little like this.

Ok… It probably won’t look MUCH like this as this was made by someone who has more money and skill than I do… But I’ll have a really good go! B-)

So we shall see. I’ll post a pic when I have it put together.


7 thoughts on “My project for next week

    1. I’m half way through it now. I have to give you some advice. Start gathering items now!
      It appears I need much more than I think I do!

      I have decided I will have to do it in stages! >.<

            1. You need to put it in a sunny position, if you can keep it into a sheltered place too that would help.

              And to make a pic in the comment you just copy/paste an IMG link! B-)

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