Seeds and WhatIDidToday

Nothing more than a mini post really.

Just wanted to say that we went to Nostell Priory today and had a walk about and a little mini picnic. I took a couple of pics and have uploaded them to my Facebook page.

But mainly this post was about what I bought on the way home. I got the wife to detour via our local garden centre. I picked up a couple of packets of seeds and got a bonus packet too, nice!

Seed packetsSomeone who posts comments on my blog has talked about Calendula a few times and, well, they are a nice flower and the bees love them… So I got some of those (They will be planted in the spring) and someone who I follow on twitter mentioned growing overwintering veggies rather than trying for plants and flowers. This way they will be out of the way when springtime comes and I get to plant new stuff… Like the Calendulas! See? It’s almost like I had some method in my madness!
Not only that but we get to eat some home-grown onions and PSB ‘cos home-grown stuff always tastes better!

I was hoping to get some cyclamen seeds but they didn’t carry any… Shame. I rather like them and they are a great winter/spring flower.

But anyway… I spent money! These bloody seeds better come up! My track record for seeds is not good!

Hope you guys are having a great Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Seeds and WhatIDidToday

  1. The Priory is beautiful! I love old fashioned decor. Imagine living in it? I hope you have luck with your seeds, if yours don’t work I have loads of Calendula to spare, and peppers! Hope you get a chance to try Calendula iced tea, it’s so sweet and refreshing.

    1. That place is FAR too big for me. I’m happy with one room and a kitchen!

      We are about 3000 miles apart… getting it over here for me to plant may well be an issue!

      1. I wouldn’t want that big, then I would have to clean it, but wouldn’t mind the decor!
        Ha! I meant seeds via the post office. Mind you there could be regulations about that. I have sent them with-in Canada.

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