Careful where you hoe

Now we are reaching mid summer, a few plants are already shedding seeds or spreading in other ways, so you need to be careful where you weed.

New growth. Watch where you hoe!

You can see in the above pic a new Rose Campion plant that will, eventually, replace the original plant. The Rose Campion is a Biennial and so you will need to leave these seedlings to grow so that we have new plants next year.

Knowing what to hoe

Another thing you may want to do is to move these seedlings. This is just about planning ahead. You have 3 new growths in a clump in the above pic. I’ll bet you can move one of them somewhere else! Just be careful and lift them and pop them elsewhere, or maybe give them to a friend or neighbour.

This also works for other plants. Foxgloves are another Biennial and spread all over. So if you weed out all of those seedlings then you won’t get plants next year! Ok… You may need to move the odd plant but you may not want to weed them all out.


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