Sowing Aloe Polyphyllia

So… Earlier last week I made a post about my wife’s draw toward a tumblr post about the wonderful Aloe Polyphylla. Well… I ordered some seeds online and they arrived Saturday and I didn’t want to let them just sit around doing nothing….No. I had to get them moving!

So it was that a trip to the shops was in order, I needed some vermiculite. It’s only something I ever used when I had my Cacti but never used it in any other growing.  Holy crap its expensive! £8 for a 10L bag… I near fell over when that was the cheapest! Back in the 90’s I paid about 50p for the same size bag! Ok… I could have bought it cheaper on the interwebs but that would have meant waiting for THAT to arrive too. Stuff that. If there is one thing I admit to it’s that I’m not the best on waiting if I can avoid it!

Anyway, So I now have the seeds, soil, propagator (Washed and clean from the last use) and no excuses why I can’t just get on with it!

Aloe Polyphylla seeds in the propagator.

I mixed some good John Innes No3 with a little sharp sand, put it in the tray and watered it well. I then put the seeds in gently and evenly, topped it with some Vermiculite, gave it a gentle misting and grabbed my phone for it’s camera.

So now I play the waiting game. I’ll be misting gently every evening just to keep it moist, not wet and with luck I should see them sprouting in about 2 weeks to a month… Yeah… That’s a long time to wait!

So… I suppose I should now get the kettle on and grab a packed lunch… Or I can step outside and see if my tomatoes have set fruit yet.


3 thoughts on “Sowing Aloe Polyphyllia

    1. I would normally take a moment and point you to my post on patience… But I am replying to this on my phone in the bath… My linking skills are not that good. I can’t even do the basic things without my desktop! >.<

      Anyway… Yeah… It may well take time. I googled germination rates for succulents when I ordered them and they can be fairly long! O.o

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