The curious history of my unkillable Yukka

This evening I was having a wander around the garden doing a very quick tidy up after pottering in the garden while working on a few things. I noticed that the plant I thought was a Crocosmia or maybe a Cordyline is in fact a Yukka… Not even a new Yukka…

Yukka pup sprouting!

The history of my Yukka is… problematic to say the least. What you see above is a regrowth from my old Yukka that has died once from stem rot and cut down, then cut down again due to lack of space and now it’s back! I have no idea how because I actually pulled up an AMAZING amount of the garden to get the root ball up (That was a bloody tiring weekend let me tell you!). I thought I got it all… Apparently I didn’t.

June 2007 – We have the floods that just utterly saturates the ground for weeks and we think this was when the Yukka started to get stem rot. A few plants took a hit that year in my garden… Not many plants like sitting with wet feet for any real length of time!

May 2008 – It’s Flowering! The bole of the thing is rocking like buggery and has no real strength and it smells “wrong”. I was thinking it was the flowers that was giving off the smell but no, it’s rotting from the inside out. As proud of the flowers as I was I’m seriously considering chopping it down as I am taking this shot.

March 2012 – It’s long gone now. You can actually see the cut stem on the floor to the right of the pik, it’s up against the fence.  There are 2 tiny pups growing just off the stump. After I chopped the main stem down a group of 8 pups appeared. I kept 2 in situ and took 6 out, growing them on in pots and later giving them away.

Feb 2014 – The pups are well established now and about a week after I took this pik they were gone. The Yukka was overhanging the edging stones and the leaves were so big the back of the plant was being pushed up or going through the slats of the fence behind it.

Then fast forward to about 3 weeks ago and I take a pik and tweet it wondering just what it was that was growing… *sigh* I’m not sure what I should do. I don’t really want it to stay there, there is just no room for it. To be honest I don’t really want it at all as it’s simply too big a plant for my garden. Maybe I will carefully dig it up, pot it on and see if anyone local wants an unkillable plant!


2 thoughts on “The curious history of my unkillable Yukka

    1. They are welcome to it!

      It’s a nice plant but it’s really not suited to the UK weather. It’s a tropical plant and we really don’t have tropical weather!

      Such is life!

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