A thank you… And upgrades.

upgradesYes… Upgrades… Just like the Agents in the Matrix it had to happen to me too at some point!

I now have a different theme for the blog and also a new Facebook page… Huge thank you to my amazing wife for this. If it was left to me then it would have never happened. It’s not that I am a technophobe or anything, far from it, I’m just bloody lazy!

BTW. The header is a picture of a leafcutter bee on a Senecio cineraria.

I also added an link for those that don’t have a WordPress account or Facebook (Hi Mum. Hi Dad!) so you will get an email when I post a new blog.

Have a great day!


5 thoughts on “A thank you… And upgrades.

    1. No worries. Truth be told… I don’t have one either!
      I used to but then closed it due to neglect and them wanting my real name.

      No need for me to tell her. She reads this blog herself. Mainly to check what I am up to when I potter in the garden, but also for spelling and grammar mistakes. B-)

    2. Thank you! I’m the social media geek in the family, so I leave Kal to do the hard stuff, and I sit at the computer all day 🙂

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