Planning my plants for next year

So we are nearing the end of summer….Kinda. Ok… It’s only mid way through July but as someone on a very limited budget I have to plan things WAY in advance so that I can get a little cash together to buy things.

So I got a gardening brochure through the post the other day and me and the minion have been looking through it for ideas for bulb planting in the autumn. Crocus’ are high on the list. I need an early flowering plant that will give a splash of colour in my garden. The minion likes Tulips so she has put in her 2p worth on getting some of those. 10 sacks should do it! Yeah, she likes Tulips.

I also want to look at some other kinds of bulbs. I have a few Tulips, Muscari and Pompom Alliums already and those are great but I also want something else. So far “Winter Aconites“, “Eremurus“, “Lily of the valley” and a wonderful variant of the standard Pompom Allium “Allium Cernuum“. All very nice and I’m sure I can find a place for them in my garden for some Spring colour.

Another reason I’m going for bulbs in the main is that they will naturalise over time. A small spending now will improve over the years. I’ve seen it already with the tulips we got last year.

To bolster the bulbs I have sown some Bellis. With luck they will come up this year (Seeing as this time I actually sown them at the right time!) alongside the already settled Polyanthus I got about 2 years ago and the Aubrieta I grew and planted out earlier this year.

But this is only for Spring. Springtime is important for out native pollinators. Without that early access to nectar and pollen they won’t get the push they need to see them into summer. I don’t think I do too badly in the summer and my Autumn is almost nil. *Sigh* I know I can’t afford that yet. Maybe I can get some seeds and grow something next year but for now I have to understand that my abilities to help are limited by my pockets.

So now if you will excuse me… I have some plants to order.


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