Looking forward to next years bees

One important thing I have learned this year about bees is that you have to plan ahead for them. They need certain plants that can provide pollen and nectar all year round. Not only that but they need ample places for the solitary bees amongst them to make a nest and lay their eggs. This year I failed on providing early spring food and I will be trying to deal with that by planting some later winter/early spring plants like cyclamen, crocus, early Bellis and some others.

The other thing I need to look at is my housing crisis. Yes I know that the UK has a housing crisis… But it’s nothing compared to my garden for bees! At the moment all I have is 2 small bee hotels.

My bee hotel. This needs updating! A bee house made from a Christmas tree base I found when at work.

I know they aren’t much but it was all I knew and I really didn’t think they would get as much attention as they did. I really need to update them both and also open them to other insect types. After all it’s not just bees that I want to invite into my garden! (Aphids are such an issue!)

This is the kind of idea I want to go with. But it may well be a little more, erm… adventurous than my meagre abilities will allow. But isn’t it impressive?!

Insect hotel

With luck I will likely end up with something like the above pic. It’s basic but will allow for a mix of insects to call it home.

For more info on making a bee/insect hotel I really recommend both this page and this page. You can also google it for some utterly AMAZING hotels that have been made by others. You may find some inspiration for yourself.


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