One man went to mow…

NOTE: I intended to post this yesterday… But I had to edit it so many times because of the language and not able to get out my thoughts. *sigh* I have learned not to write posts when angry. B-)


I am so annoyed… No… I take that back… I’m f****ng furious is what I am.

Finally the council I work for actually listens to people and, although money was also an issue, they start letting some patches of unused land go back to meadow. Letting it go back to nature if you will. Pollinators have a hard enough time of it in our country and we are not making enough headway to helping them. So when the council makes a few small points and helps them crap like THIS happens.

OMG… When I read about it from one of the guys at work I was almost spitting bubbles. There was so much language in the canteen at lunchtime I’m surprised that the air didn’t turn blue!

Why would they do this? What could they possibly get out of it? It’s not as if the area that was left to grow is too much! This is just petty minded people who want nothing more than cut grass in the world. They care nothing of the bigger picture and until people are properly educated about the world then this stupidity will continue.

This is the area allowed to go back to meadow in knowl park

For your information this is a quick plan of the meadowed area.

It’s not as if there is no other parts of the park are uncut. There are still large open areas to use. All these moronic people want is another 100 square metres of cut grass for their dogs to crap in. Its insane. We NEED wildlife areas back in our country.

This is why we can’t have nice things. It’s people like this that are killing our world through their ignorance. I hope the gardener in the story loses some of his customers because its obvious that he doesn’t care about nature… All he wants is cash and that’s why he helped in this thing… It’s so he could get the name of his company in the paper.

Do you know another stupid fact? They didn’t even do a good job of cutting the grass… One of the mobile teams in that area had to drop by and go over it all and tidy it up because they had left it in such a state.

People often ask me why I say I hate people at times…. This would be why.


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