A new bee in the garden

So chuffed early on Friday evening to find a bee that I didn’t recognize buzzing around one of my plant pots. I lost it for a while, I swear those bees must be part ninja at times! After a couple of minutes I saw it coming out of the pot it was buzzing around. At first I thought it was scrabbling for soil or something. Imagine my utter amazement when I saw him/her return to that plant pot a little later with a rolled up leaf almost as big as itself!

Leaf cutter bee with rolled up leaf

Yes… Its a Leaf-cutter bee! I was so excited to see it bringing in that leaf! It had real issues flying with that rolled up leaf. Watching it buzz around was quite a thing. It was a bit breezy and the leaf must have acted like a sail dragging it around in the air. Just goes to show how good a flyer the bee is!

Leaf cutter nest warning!

My next issue is that the place where the nest is located is a bit of an issue. Its in the bottom of a pot on top of my waterbutt! The warning label went on because I’m a little worried that I or someone else may unthinkingly move it for some reason. I also need to keep the pot out of standing water, not really a problem where it is, but something to be mindful of. With luck it will overwinter well as its in a sunny spot sheltered from the worst of the wind.

Another possible problem is that I’m hoping that the hole at the front, it’s between those 2 weed seedlings, will be plugged somehow by the bee so I can tell that its finished just like the mason bees do then if needed I can move it to a better position.

I shall be watching the pot tomorrow to see what happens.


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