Not really coming up rosy

With the hot weather the grass is slowing down…. In some cases its burning off, so with that we are moving to other jobs. The main one this week, and probably next week too, is cutting hedges. But to break up the horror that is cutting hedges in this heat we also have been weeding and cleaning up the many Rose beds we have.

These Rose beds are often overlooked for weeks, or even months, at a time. Not good at all. The main issue we have is that when soil is allowed to sit still for a time and no tending it later turns into an attempt to hoe something approaching the same consistency as concrete! Oh…. For your information, hoeing concrete isn’t as easy as you might think. Another issue is that we don’t get to make requests for equipment. We get what we get and we are encouraged to be grateful that we get anything at all. So no garden claws for us. B-(

The soil in our Rose beds is old… It’s in REALLY poor condition and badly in need of plumping up, some good manure digging in and a topping of mulch. One day it will be done… One day, but not today and its a real shame. The Roses we have in some of our beds are really pretty.

A Rose in one of our neglected Rose beds.

The above Rose is a “Whiskey Mac”. Its a hybrid tea and it really needs to be allowed to shine. There are other Roses that are really nice in our various parks, don’t get me wrong. But this one, for me, is the best. Good fragrance, large bloom and a striking colouring. A real show-piece.

Such is life in the council. So many things that need doing and no money or time to get them done. Plenty of willpower though. Gardeners like to look at their parks too and we do have a real amount of pride in our work… But that pride is fading. Year after year there is less and less chance to do these very important jobs and our parks are suffering. In more than one of them the Rose beds have been ripped out because of a lack of time to maintain them.

It won’t be long before all this beauty is lost to us. And what’s even worse is that people won’t even complain.Nobody cares until the grass is long. What a shame.


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