Hedging my bets.

So the council sprang a shocker on us last week. They have put the majority of hedge-cutting on for this week. Some hedges, those that are abutting farmers fields, can’t be cut until August by law. But most of our hedges are hedges in parks, open spaces and housing estates so we don’t fit into those law sets.

Last week we started and did our first hedge of the season… Oh God did my shoulders hurt for the next 3 days!

The park hedge before. The park hedge after.

In all there was about 200ft of hedge, split into 2 sections, and it took us about an hour to cut and get it all cleaned up. not bad work… Could have been faster but we were flagging by the end. The trimmers we use are about 5.5kg (12lbs) in weight and REALLY drag after a while!

Now for this week… It’s hotter, the work is bigger and the hedges are taller and predominantly Hawthorn!  Nothing scrapes up your arms like Hawthorn does! Thankfully we won’t have to do any barrowing to get the clippings onto the trailer. We will be drifting the van along as we cut and putting it straight in as we go.

Many of the schools we cut will also have their hedges lowered this year. Most are about 6ft tall, some are higher! And with new regulations we will need scaffolding to get them done (We are not allowed to work up ladders with power tools). So they will be lowered to either 4 or 5ft. Not higher than shoulder height.

Oh well… I’ll get out the antiseptic cream and hope a hot bath will help with the impending sore shoulders!


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