The Hiatus explained

OMG… Its been two weeks since my last blog. Sheesh!

The early summer rush has now finished and I now find myself in the lull between now and when the hedging season starts at the start of August. Normally this time is spent making up lost time on things like Rose beds and neatening up plots that have had grass creep.

This is also the time where other projects can be started. The bowling greens need maintenance and many trees need trimming. The other small projects include clearing the many ginnals that get neglected, The strimming of small areas that cannot be cut with a mower. These small areas are generally small corners or in areas where the mowers simply don’t fit.

*Sigh* Its also the time where the management feel that the grass ALWAYS slows down and that putting more jobs on us is fine and we can cope with them. Not that I am bitter or anything. B-)

The fact that the British summer this year is likely to be a little more of sunshine and showers… There is no better way to get grass growing than with a couple months of sunshine and showers!

Better get that mower serviced!

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