Fairy Gardens

A while ago, the wife showed me this EPIC idea for a garden curiosity. It’s a Fairy Garden!

Some of the examples you can see on Google are amazing and well worth a look.

The wife's fairy garden pot

The one above was made by my wonderful wife. The way to make this is actually really simple in the basic sense. The really impressive examples are all about the tiny details. In a way this kind of thing is just like Bonsai trees, over time they just get better and better as the plants grow out and fill the pots.

You can see a step by step for the basics here. – 1234 – 5

I think the wife is a little caught up on the idea of it. I have been told to be on the look out for smaller plants that will fit in!

The best thing about all of this is that the basics can all be made with recycled items. Old and broken pots can be used as the base and you can go from there. Plants by their very nature can be offcuts from existing plants. While you can spend any amount you like to make them perfect, you can also spend near nothing and still get a wonderful show-piece.

It’s all based on the power of your imagination… Let it run wild!


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