Changing the bedding.

So far this week has been one hell of a run around. First off, the boss is off so there is just the two of us. Not only that but its near summer bedding time. I swear my boss picked it knowing it would be hard work.

Not only that but here in the UK Monday was a bank holiday… So only 4 days to get the work of 5 done… YAY! So anyway… Stuff most of the grass cutting, it all takes a back seat to the bedding.

Tuesday was taken up with getting essential grass cutting done and arranging for a rotavator to be delivered. . Then the mowers were put away and Wednesday morning, trowel in hand,  we went stripping out the old bedding. Yes… I got a blister on the palm of my hand. Both painful and so far the butt of many jokes. *sigh*.

3 tons of Mushroom compost!

Wednesday afternoon we got 5 tons of mushroom compost to bulk up the beds. It was that much we had to it in two trips. This above was just the first 3 tons. You can also see there the rotavator we used to dig it all in. The stuff was that fresh it was STEAMING!

After stripping the beds in one of our parks I kept a few wallflowers for home.

Now the best thing about stripping out the old bedding is that we throw it all out and get new stuff in, so anything we like can be taken home so I grabbed a bundle of the wallflowers that we had taken out. As many of you know, if you have been reading this blog at all, is that I am a big fan of free things! Those wallflowers will give both seeds and possibly, if my luck holds out, fresh growth next year just like Lupins.

Thursday was spent using the rotavator on all the beds and raking up the beds for when the actual bedding arrives sometime around the 1st week in June. Yes, you read that right… We had to get the bedding done this early because the rotavator is only on hire for a couple of weeks and all the teams need to be able to use it before the bedding arrives. We got to use it first because we went for it and if we leave it any later then stuff is bound to go wrong… This is the council you know!

Tomorrow (Friday), after a VERY physical week, will be ending with us cutting the bowling greens and generally staying out of the way while we have our warm sandwiches and watch as the same furore happens to another team!

My back is killing me. Seriously. Sometimes I wish we could do a few jobs like this so I can keep some of the muscles working so there is less pain when we are done. When the bedding arrives it will be even more pain as about 20,000 plants will need to be put in and it has to be done in a day, that’s a lot of back bending!


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