Pruning for the first time

Yesterday, Sunday 17th I decided to give my Photinia “Red Robin” its first pruning of the year.

Now it has to be said that I’m not that good a gardener and I don’t do much without doing a bit of homework first. So after watching a few vids on Youtube I decided to have a go at trimming up the new growth in order to get a new flush of that awesome red new growth.

Photinia, Red Robin: Before pruning
Photinia, Red Robin: Before pruning

I love that red leaf colour, just like I love the red leaves you get on a blueberry in Autumn, so I wanted to bring it back. According to the interwebs you can prune your Photinia back as much as three times a year, as long as you don’t do a cut in late Autumn so that new growth is caught out by the frosts, that would be bad.

The cuttings from the Photinia... More than I thought!
The cuttings from the Photinia… More than I thought!

Today I plucked up the courage and had a go. It took longer than I thought it would. I spent a good half hour pruning and came out with quite a lot of waste. I didn’t intend to prune out so much but there was a lot of new growth that had a HUGE gap between the old wood and new leaves. Not sure why that was. I also cleared out some weeds that were growing and trimmed back the ivy that had expanded into it, you can see the Ivy to the right of it.

I’ll also not mention the blackbird that I disturbed as it scared the LIFE out of me when it shot out of the bush past my ear!

Photinia, Red Robin: After pruning
Photinia, Red Robin: After pruning

This was it after pruning. It looks a little scraggly but it should fill out when the lush new growth starts showing. All in all I’m not unhappy with it. In time I will learn better tricks to making it look better…. But it needs to be put into shape first.


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