The weird and the wonderful in my houseplants

I had a moment earlier on this evening… I was watering my plants, almost on autopilot, and realised that 2 things have happened.

Amaryllis still very leafy

One. My Amaryllis still has its leaves…. Is that right? It started flowering in early December last year and the leaves have only just started to go a little limp. They are still nice and green and the bulbs are growing and firm. But shouldn’t I be seeing them lose their leaves by now?

Albuca Spiralis finally curling and not really needing the frame anymore.

Two. The Albuca Spiralis I grew for the wife is finally forming its curls! So far its only been long stems without any real strength or form. Now I could well take off the frame and it will be fine. I may have to trim those 2 original stems though.

Close up of the Albuca Spiralis curls. Now this is better specimen than mine but it also appears to be older, you can tell by the size of the bulb the stems are growing from. In time I hope that it curls like those in the link but I’m not worried yet. Mine is only in its 2nd year and has lots of time to get going. .


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