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Dealing With The Unseasonal UK Weather

Well. Seeing as I am a Brit I feel this is as good a time as any to talk about the weather! Apparently us Brits do love a good moan about how the weather is too this or too that. We are never truly happy! But this year as put even more people in the ‘moan’ pile.

Gardeners are usually hardier to the climate and can take a hit or two before we whine. But this year has had me digging my fingers into my palms to fight off having that whine escape my lips. But its finally out.

So far we have seen a mild winter with a cold snap and then a wet as buggery spring and yet the warmest April in half a decade. May Day Bank Holiday weather was expected to be colder than Christmas! OMG… What is up with this all?

The reason for my rant? May is usually the time of year when the frosts are over and the summer bedding plants start appearing in the shops and garden centres. On our route we have seen a few people planting out border plants only to see them die with the next mornings frost. We actually had one person argue ‘But it says you can plant it out after April!’… *Sigh* It says India on the wheels of a bus, doesn’t mean it actually goes there.

My Pieris having lost its spring growth.

But even established plants can get caught out by the late frosts. I have had both of my Pieris lose their spring growth and with the blustery winds we have been having a couple of my Tulips have been blown over!

Everyone at work has been warning people to NOT plant out purchases yet. Leave them in a greenhouse if you have one or near a sunny window until the frosts have passed and slowly harden them off before planting.


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